New GMA & Custom Size Pallets For Sale

We specialize in manufacturing the highest quality new pallets especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Great Lakes Pallet Company is a leader in the pallet industry, focusing on NEW pallets.  We have proven ourselves as a staple of quality and reliability within the food and pharmaceutical industries where pallet specs have stringent requirements.  

Viking Turbo Pallet Machine

State-of-the-art pallet assembly system

GLP is a growing company that has made investments in state-of-the-art equipment to bring automation to our pallet-building process. This is centered around our multiple Viking automatic pallet nailers, including our newest line which utilizes the industry-leading Viking Turbo 505.

Feeding these automatic nailers is premium #1 grade cut stock, mixed softwoods, and dense-mixed hardwoods.  These are cut to precise sizes, direct from the lumber mills, ensuring your pallets are built with the best North American woods.  Our automated machines ensure your pallet loads are consistently made with the highest quality materials and processes.

New Gma & Custom Size Pallets For Sale

PDF Spec Drawings

We will come on-site and do a free personal assessment, and then design a PDS Spec Drawing specific to your needs.  Once approved, we will build a free sample and deliver it to you in a timely fashion so you can see the quality of GLP builds.   Click here for a sample Spec Drawing.

Worker building pallet

Custom Design Capabilities

Our most important resource is our staff, including the long-term production employees that truly set us apart from EVERY other pallet company in the industry.   Our production team includes multiple employees of 20+ years with GLP, giving us a competitive edge with experience in building high-quality custom pallets.  We will hand build, or do automated builds for just about any custom-sized new pallet you require.  You select the wood type, 2-Way or 4-Way, Heat Treating, Paint Striping, Banding, etc.

Heat-treatment stamp on pallets

ISPM-15 Compliance Heat Treatment

An ISPM 15-compliant pallet is put in the kiln and maintains a constant core temperature of 135 degrees for a minimum of thirty minutes. Great Lakes Pallet has certified heat treatment capabilities to ensure your pallets meet all certifications for export. We are audited every month for compliance with ISPM-15 standards.  View our Certificate of Participation here.

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